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Play. Learn. Grow. 

10716 New Halls Ferry Rd, Ferguson, Missouri 63136 

Lucky Charms| Infants

Infants will be given special attention to ensure that they are safe. Not only that, but they are also equipped with specialized items and toys to encourage social, emotional, and developmental growth in infants, as well as the necessary supplies you will need to provide proper care for them.

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Tiny Tots|
1 Years

Our tiny tots are now in a moving state. They will be learning more about their fine motor skills and how to do things a little more independently. They will be equipped with toys and other materials that fits their needs.

Rainbow Dazzlers| 2 Years

Rainbows will be dazzled across the room as the 2-year-olds are rapidly growing and exploring their world. It's exciting to teach and watch them explore the basic developmentally appropriate milestones.

3 Musketeers| 3 Years

Now is the time for digging deep and really exploring how their little minds work. They are introduced to various activities that will have them prepared for pre-k.

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The Incredibles| Pre-K

By the time these little hero's leave to enter into kindergarten, they will be feeling so incredibly confident in what they know. Their curriculum will be based on readiness as a whole and individually. 

Our Approach

Our goal is to make you and
your child feel like LCDC is an extension of your home. Our nurturing staff will work with you to
make sure that feeding, napping, and daily routines are consistent with those of your child’s
home environment. We believe that meeting each child’s emotional, social, and developmental
needs is just as important as meeting their physical needs.

What Parents Think

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